15 September 2010


i made this video just three days before your birthday.
now, press play but do not press any skip button
just enjoy every second of it

by the way, do you understand what this picture mean??

gif animator

so, this LEGO character want go to your house but he use EGGY SINGLE's tshirt, NUDE jeans, CONVERSE shoes, with FIXIE, go to your HOMEY to bring 22 birthday cake for you. just a simple thing but i think it means full for youu

how do you like it ? now you're officially legal. now my boyfriend is 22 years old and still 5 years older than me.be better for the rest of your life! make your parents proud of having you as their son , make your brother proud of having you as his one and only little brother that has already grown up, and last but not least make your girlfriend happy to have YOU as her boyfriend, bestfriend, shoulder to cry on, her personal favorite comedian in the whole world

so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again my ndut ndut Eggy♥
after you watch this video and see this post, please call me.


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