25 April 2011

Triple Chocolate Biscotti

Hello my daily, it's been a week after I did my National Examination. Before the Nat Exam, I made some triple chocolate biscotti. Here's the recipe but I changed some ingredients, and add some ingredients to make it perfect! Here's my ingridients
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For make it perfect I put the chocolate chopped and cocoa in the batter for make the chocolate perfect, and I put the chocolate melted on the top of the biscotti.

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Simple Recipe can be perfect if you can improve it!

13 April 2011

Strawberry Macaroons

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Strawberry Macaroons just my experiment to know how to make the strawberry fillings. 2 weeks ago, my friends Marcelline gave me Blueberry Macaroons form Laduree, Paris. I can't explain the taste of that macaroons, too delicious for explain it. So, I want to make the same thing. Because of the blueberry too expensive, I used the stawberry first hehe. I can give you tips to make this fillings, and it's my own recipe.

First step, you need Fresh Stawberry, not the frozen one, Lemon for make the fillings lil bit sour, Sugar, and water. Second, cut the strawberry into pieces and squeeze lemon to bowl. Place the strawberry, lemon, sugar and water in a small pan. Stir over low heat until all things in a pan like a jam. After that, place in the bowl and refrigerate it for maybe 1 hours.

Easy right? That just my recipe for this fillings, and I will make the blueberry one soon. :)